What kind of guitar man?!

Hey man! So, you wanna play the guitar, man!? Man, that’s so groovy! And hey there; isn’t that a little old fashioned? Nothing doing, because some of you out there would love nothing better than to become more acquainted with the era of that music genre.

Like a number of others, that genre is also categorized into its sub-genres, one of which would be folk-rock. So many famous guitarists have come and gone. And some of them are still out there strumming it. You wonder though, is Lindsay Buckingham still doing it. Or is his classic turner model 1 guitar spending its last days in a rock museum somewhere.

Check out the music archives why don’t you. But for those who have no time or patience for reading – what a bummer, but so it goes – here’s your short answer. Nope. The Turner Model 1 classic rock guitar is alive and well.

It is named after a guy by the name of Rick. Rick Turner is the man who came up with the engineering ability to fuse hard rock concepts with folksy melodies. Lindsay Buckingham did that well enough. Pretty talented guy, actually.

turner model 1 guitar

Those who did not know, Lindsay was a lead guitarist and vocalist with the classic rock group otherwise known as Fleetwood Mac. And guess what, that band’s name was taken from its founding members, one of them being none other than Mick Fleetwood.

All so long ago. You’d be feeling really old right about now. But no; you don’t give a toss because you are still so cool with the music you love best. Now the thing is; getting to play the instrument like a supremo. Doesn’t need to be hard. Just depends on your dedication and the hours you’re prepared to put into it.