Important Information About Air Motor Icing

Air motor icing is a common problem that can affect your machinery. It is important to understand icing, how to detect it on your machine, and how to make repairs if it appears. The sooner you make repairs, the less damage your important machinery sustains, thus the less costs you pay.

Air motors use the same principle as a refrigerator found in your kitchen to work. Moisture in the air freezes and crystallizes in the freezer due to the low temperatures. When this occurs in air motors, it is a process known as icing. This is also a problem that can greatly diminish the quality of your machinery.

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Some of the most common reasons you may find icing on you air motor includes:

·    Ambient air flow

·    Low cycle ate of the motor

·    Improper air valve

·    Low compressed air pressure

·    Compressed air dew point

·    Compressed air volume rate

·    Ambient dew point

This is just a small list of the many different culprits of icing. When it occurs, call a professional out to the scene of things at once. Many different options to resolve this problem exist, including:

·    Motor Rebuild: One of the common ways that icing repair is made is through a complete motor rebuild. It’s easy to accomplish this task with the use of gast air motor rebuild kit.

·    Decrease Supply Pressure: This resolution works only for specific type of icing issues, but is worth a try before calling out a professional. When you decrease supply pressure, it changes the output rate and gives you more.

·    Change Exhaust Configuration: Use a muffler to restrict the exhaust and a tube to the exhaust port to ensure that the air remains in a remote location within the air motor.

Use the information above to protect your air motor.